Covid – China: schools closed, appeal for containment… the resurgence of the epidemic hits Beijing hard

Students in several districts of Beijing were forced to attend school at home on Monday, authorities urged residents to stay at home amid a new wave of Covid-19 contamination hitting the Chinese capital and other cities across the country . .

The rebirth of contamination it stretches from Zhengzhou city in central Henan province to Chongqing in southwest China. Authorities identified on Sunday 26,824 new cases premises, a level close to the pandemic peak of last April.

They also announced two deaths in beijingagainst a Saturday census, which was the first announced since late May.

Hardly affected by the outbreak’s upsurge, the city of Guangzhou, home to nearly 19 million people, has established a five-day confinement in Baiyun, its most populous district. It also suspended food services and closed nightclubs and theaters in the main business district.

In Beijing, 962 new infections were registered on Sunday, against 621 the day before. Chaoyang county, home to 3.5 million people, has urged residents to stay home and study at home.

Some schools in Haidian, Dongcheng and Xicheng counties have also stopped face-to-face lessons.

Undermined training

This latest wave of COVID-19 infections undermines China’s recent easing of its “zero-COVID“, an adjustment that has allowed cities to adopt more targeted and less restrictive measures in order to penalize the economy less.

Last week, several Chinese cities began phasing out routine COVID-19 testing, including the northern city of Shijiazhuang, seen as a possible model for easing the “zero-COVID” policy.

Massive screening tests

But on Sunday evening, Shijiazhuang authorities announced they would conduct massive screening tests in six of the city’s eight boroughs over the next five days after recording 641 new cases per day. They also encouraged residents to shop online and ordered some schools to suspend face-to-face classes.

China’s efforts to better target its COVID-19 health response had raised investor hopes for further easing as winter approaches.

Stock markets and oil prices were lower on Monday as traders feared the economic impact of this latest wave of COVID-19 in China.

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