constancy of play, lack of temperament, disappointing transfer window … the reasons for a growing crisis

Pushed into the game by Lens (0-1), the OL just chained four straight losses against rivals for a spot on the podium.

Peter Bosz, a well established creditor

It happened a little less than three weeks ago. The OL was already on a dangerous track and Vincent Ponsot, the football director, stepped forward in the regional daily press, demanding results “faster”. The pressure began to build on Peter Bosz, who knew he was expected in the round, and has intensified ever since, as the Dutch manager was unable to reverse the results curve. “We will not wait for February or March,” Vincent Ponsot warned in September. The day after their fourth consecutive Ligue 1 defeat to Lens (0-1), Peter Bosz is not even said to be on the bench for OL at the start of the World Cup month. 18). Relegated to eight points from Lens, 4th, the OLs are far from the goals set by the management, which is to grab the podium at the end of the season.

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Even more troubling than the poor results, the Lyonnais’ inability to make a difference collectively calls into question. The offensive stats from their last game are relentless. Lyon produced the worst offensive performance of the season in Ligue 1, in terms of chances created. Outperformed in the game, OL provided a bland performance on the offensive level. Whether on set attack or counterattack, Peter Bosz’s line-up proved harmless, while the Dutch manager knew perfectly well what awaited them at Bollaert. “Lens has a very clear playing style,” said the former Ajax manager. And the artesian club did not deny him by playing with his values ​​last night. Quite the opposite of OL, where it’s hard to see where they want to go in the game. How long will Peter Bosz, who is struggling to impress lasting style in this team, be able to hold on?

An attitude problem

The same chorus is played every week. The players repeat that we have to move, but the months pass and nothing changes. In the absence of many managers, Lyon’s young shooters, such as Rayan Cherki, were offered the opportunity to restore Lyon’s image, to finally show character and temperament on hostile ground where many teams will be busy this season , but they didn’t. “It is unacceptable, Maxence Caqueret got carried away, hot, to the Prime Video microphone. Again, we are not having a good match. We have to do much better when we are OL. We do not show our values ​​The lens showed more desire, more effort (…) it’s up to us to do much better “.

Goalkeeper Anthony Lopes, one of the few to show himself at his level, delaying what seemed inevitable in the second half as he could, did not hide behind the excuse of the penalty. He was at least as strict as his teammate when it came to reckoning: “We aspire to play in C1 but we are very, very far from it, the gap is widening, he insisted. You have to know how to get your ass down every game and once again we didn’t. We didn’t show anything, we don’t deserve anything. Four defeats in a row are many, many. We will have to find the solutions internally, among ourselves “.

So far Lyon have contented themselves with beating lower-ranking teams, without the contents always reassuring, but as soon as the track got up, Peter Bosz’s team lost four times in a row. And the upcoming calendar will not give him the opportunity to breathe. Two away games to Rennes and Marseille, the welcome of Lille, who are direct competitors for European positions, will demonstrate whether OL, as we thought at the beginning of the season, can aim higher.

A failed transfer window?

“There may be coaches from other Ligue 1 clubs who may leave because they are jealous of the recruitment we are doing,” dared Bruno Cheyrou this summer, proud to have registered the arrivals of Alexandre Lacazette and Corentin Tolisso, after making sure to keep the Brazilian. Tetê. OL’s hiring manager is much more discreet these days. But internet users had a field day, punishing the former player’s arrogance. The good start to the season could have proved him right, but the collapse of the team’s results in recent weeks also testifies to a lack of coherence in the construction of the workforce made available by the coach. Peter Bosz, on the other hand, seemed satisfied at the end of the transfer window.

In fact, with a few rare exceptions (Lepenant, Tagliafico …), too many players in the team do not give satisfactions, from Karl Toko-Ekambi to Thiago Mendes, still at fault last night. Ditto for the recruits. The promises sown by Tetê when he arrived at the end of last season are already lived. Unable to dribble and make a difference with the ball, the Brazilian was once again harmless last night, like his team. Romain Faivre, who went out of his way to move to Milan, thought he would use OL as a stepping stone towards his ultimate goal. Unfortunately, he is slow to hatch at a very high level.

The excitement triggered by his return to Lyon marked the return of ambitions, it was thought. But Alexandre Lacazette’s start to the season is anything but sensational. And if the former Gunner remains a safe bet, like teammate Corentin Tolisso, who is too often absent, his influence sometimes declines when he experiences moments of solitude in front of him. He is not the only one responsible for the mistakes of this team, far from it, but he OL will need the best face of their captain to guide them in the decisive weeks to come.

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