Charlene de Monaco shines at Paris Fashion Week: her new appearance noticed by Vuitton

Charlene of Monaco stood out once again on Tuesday 4 October 2022, during the Louis Vuitton fashion show. Albert of Monaco’s wife attended the show during Paris Fashion Week with a sublime look.

As in the case of each of his appearances, Charlene of Monaco caused a sensation Tuesday 4th October 2022 during Paris Fashion Week. The wife of Prince Albert of Monaco, in fact, left her Rock for a few days to attend various fashion shows. The last one: that of Louis Vuitton. For the occasion, the princess was in the front row to discover the new collection of the brand she loves very much. Her mother seemed to be very happy with this break in her daily life without her children and her husband. From an aesthetic point of view: she had chosen to wear black trousers and a sparkling purple checked jacket, which covered a white blouse. Once again flawless.

A few days before, Saturday 1 October 2022, He had already made a very noticeable appearance during from the Akris fashion show, a secular Swiss brand, to discover the new collection designed by Albert Kriemler. She is dressed all in black and was very chic. For the Vuitton show, she has been well accompanied ever sinceshe was sitting right next to Bernard Arnault (President and CEO of LVMH), present with the children. On the other side of the princess, there was Janet Jacksonwhich goes on a parade during the fashion week in Paris.

Charlene of Monaco had a big smile during the parade

There were other personalities for this show such as actress Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner, Maude Apatow, Léa Seydoux, muse of the Maison Vuitton or even the singer Lous and Yakuza. Charlene of Monaco seemed to particularly enjoy the Louis Vuitton show. Her smile said a lot about what she could think of the brand’s new collection.

After going through a long time in the desert in South Africa, where she faced serious health problems due to an ENT infection, the princess now appears to be happier than ever. She goes into public appearances and makes a sensation every time with her wide smile or her always impeccable clothing choices. She is regularly on the arm of her husband, Albert of Monaco, for important events such as the Bal de la Rose, where a highly commented lunch with the Norwegian royal family and their children. She had also made a private visit to Pope Francis.

He had also recently attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Charlene of Monaco was very moved by the death of the former Queen of England at the age of 96, on 8 September 2022. she paid him a tender tribute on her social networks and highlighted her courage and strength of a woman and a mother. Her touching words.

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