Cap 3000 is launching a commercial operation for your clothes that you should like

Tidy up your clothes. Select the most “salable”. Take their picture. From every angle. Post an ad. Turn down a dozen deals with buyers looking to save 50 cents. Using. This situation, all the regular customers of the sites specialized in second-hand clothing know. Cap 3000 now offers them an alternative. Something about “easier”. The shopping center located in Saint-Laurent-du-Var has partnered with The second life. A platform that brings second-hand items back to life. You can redeem them for a gift card.

Intrigued? We tell you everything.

A physical pop-up for three days

On the occasion of the launch of the platform, Cap 3.000 wanted to organize the event with a “to appear (1)installed from Friday morning to Sunday evening. “This physical kiosk will be located at the main entrance, Porte de Cannes. A hostess will be present from 10:00 to 18:00 for three days. People will be able to sell their belongings, the whole process will be explained to them so that they can familiarize “explains Julie Magnan-Antonini, director of marketing and communication at the laurentin center.

The clothes will first be donated to a local association. For this Abi 06 (2) will be present in these three days. “The platform The second life then go on living . But I think if the customers are receptive, we will repeat the physical events in the center. “

“A very intuitive step by step”

The advantage of selling through this rather than another site? “We just have to meet the criteria proposed by the site’s algorithm”, exhibits Julie Magnan-Antonini. The clothes are listed by style, brand, seasonality. “You will only be asked if there are buttons, signs of wear under the arms or tears for example”. A very intuitive “step by step”.

Depending on the criteria, the site issues a ransom amount after a short period of analysis. The seller is free to decide whether the price suits him or not. “We also indicate how many liters of water are saved by reselling this garment instead of throwing it away”. That is to say that The Second Life puts the shoes back on the circuit “exclusively in France”.

And the shipping? “A voucher must be printed and the package can be delivered to a relay point (4).” A QR code is then generated. The seller has three weeks to go to a Cap3000 information point and collect his gift card, valid for one year, in all the shops in the Laurenziano center.

(1) The “pop-up” is an ephemeral shop that can be set up and taken down very quickly.

(2) Association that fights for professional integration and social integration in the Maritime Alps.

(3) A Mondial Relay point is open at Cap 3000, next to the Capsule concept store, from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 18:00.

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