can we still get this help of 300 euros?

Transitional Solidarity Prime (PTS) is aid granted to a specific category of the population. This indemnity is paid monthly and is granted after verification of means. The amount of this aid can reach 300 euros. What is the Transitional Solidarity Bonus (PTS)? Can we still get this help? Who can perceive it? We explain everything to you in this article.

Transitional Solidarity Award (PTS)

The Transitional Solidarity Award is an aid that was introduced by the government July 17, 2015. It is paid on conditions to job seekers. It allows you to bridge the period between the end of the unemployment benefit and the start of the old-age pension.

It should be noted that this help is given to people over 60 years old. It is granted until the minimum statutory retirement age is reached. For information: many changes are planned for retirees in November 2022.

The amount of this aid, paid by Employment centerand of 300 euros per month. Furthermore, this allowance can be combined with earned income and its amount will then be revalued according to income.

Can you still get the Transitional Solidarity Bonus?

It `s important to note that this help was recently removed. However, people receiving this benefit will continue to receive it until retirement age.

To benefit from Transitional Solidarity Awardsome conditions are required:

  • You have to be born between January 1, 1954 and December 31, 1955
  • Be at least 60 years old and have not reached the statutory retirement age
  • He is no longer entitled to unemployment benefits (I AM)
  • perceive theSpecific solidarity allowance (ASS) or the Solidarity income (RSA)
  • You have to justify the quarterly contributions required for old-age insurance and contributed 166 quarters
  • Your income must not exceed the monthly income limit : 1,669.44 euros maximum for one person and 2,399.83 euros for a couple

Finally, note that the recipients of the Transitional Solidarity Award can also benefit from the Christmas bonus paid out during the month of December.

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