Cameroon beaten, Eto’o mocked by Algerian fans

Cameroon missed its entry into the 2022 World Cup this Thursday November 24, with a defeat against Switzerland (0-1), which pleased many Algerian fans who mocked Samuel Eto’o on social networks.

A failed introduction

The Indomitable Lions didn’t show much against a fairly solid Swiss team, but far from being a big name.

By falling from the start, Cameroon seriously compromises their chances of qualifying for the next round of the 2022 World Cup.

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The Indomitable Lions will not have an easy task during the remaining two days as they take on Serbia before crossing swords with Brazil, a potential candidate for the final crown at this 2022 World Cup.

Although mathematically Cameroon is not eliminated yet, but the forecasts are rather pessimistic.

The team’s journalist, Nabil Djellit, definitively foresees a premature elimination of Cameroon. “In my opinion the tournament in Cameroon is over…”believes Nabil Djellit.

Eto’o mocked by Algerian fans

The average performance of the Indomitable Lions against Switzerland contrasts with the euphoric declarations of the president of the Cameroonian football federation.

Samuel Eto’o says Cameroon will travel to Qatar to win the 2022 World Cup.

For Samuel Eto’o, the African teams “They are ready not only to participate in a World Cup, but also to win this competition. »

But the reality is quite different. The results of the African selections during the first day of this World Cup contradict Samuel Eto’o.

Senegal, deprived of Sadio Mané, was beaten (2-0) by the Netherlands. Tunisia and Morocco could not do better than draws against Denmark (0-0) and Croatia (0-0) respectively. Ghana was dominated on Thursday by Portugal (2-3). The budget is poor for the five African selections: three defeats and two draws, two goals scored and six goals conceded.

From what they have shown, African teams don’t seem capable of going as far in the World Cup as Samuel Eto’o claims.

Algerian fans celebrate

The entry into the race of the Indomitable Lions was expected by the Algerian fans. Cameroon qualified for this World Cup after snatching a last-gasp victory against Algeria on 29 March in Blida.

Algerian fans have not accepted the elimination of their national team. Some had turned violently to the match referee Bakary Gassama, others to Samuel Eto’o who had accused, without proof, of having bought the match. The controversy lasted for several months.

This Thursday, Algerian fans attended the stadium that hosted the Cameroon-Switzerland match together with Swiss fans. At the end of the match, they didn’t hesitate to show their satisfaction by singing and dancing, to celebrate Cameroon’s defeat as can be seen in a video posted on Facebook.

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