Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will enforce the same telephone verification system as Overwatch 2

Bad news for all upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players. Activision plans to restore its SMS Protect system, which first started for Overwatch 2 and requires users to create a new account to complete SMS verification. Problem: The service does not work with prepaid phones.

In addition to the few connection issues and controversies over its business model, Overwatch 2 had a frenzied launch due to an unpopular decision by Blizzard. To combat toxicity in its game, the studio specifically imposed the SMS Protect measure, which asks players to have their account verified using a code sent via SMS.

The service, however, is obviously not updated as it encounters some problems with some phones, especially those equipped Prepaid SIM. As a result, some players simply couldn’t launch the game. In the face of the controversy that quickly escalated, Blizzard finally decided to lift this restriction for players who already had a account.

Some players will not be able to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

But that doesn’t mean the end of the process. In fact, the next Call of Duty will also set up verification via SMS Protect.Adding a phone number will allow Blizzard Entertainment to send you notifications when major changes are made to your account. “we can read on the game support page.“Any mobile phone in a country supported with a data plan, and which is not prepaid or a VOIP number, can be used with this service. “

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In other words, players who have encountered problems creating an account on Overwatch 2 will receive the same treatment for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: they just won’t be able to play. Certainly Call of Duty has historically always had a problem with the toxicity of its community. But here’s the question of access to the game – some people who bought the title may not be able to enjoy it, at a time when prepaid phones are becoming more and more popular in some countries.

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