Box Neymar, Brazil is shaking, despite a successful entry into the competition

That was the promise of the evening of this November 24th: the best for the end. After seeing all the other favorites or contenders trample the beautiful green grasses of Qatar (and no doubt relishing the Saudi trip to neighboring and rival Argentina), Brazil has finally launched its World Cup. This Brazil that everyone sees as beautiful, and that easily returns the compliment, has justified this patience. A 2-0 win against Serbia at the Lusail Stadium for a Select with two faces. Thwarted and lazy in the first half, liberated and joyful in the second, except for one great detail.

A lame man and worry creeps in everywhere and ruins the party. Prostrate on the bench, Neymar (released in 78And minute) hides his anguish and wipes his tears in his yellow jersey so dear to his heart. At that moment, she thinks the worst. How could it be otherwise? Ten minutes earlier, his right ankle twisted after a nasty encounter with defender Nikola Milenkovic’s crampons.

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With “Ney,” drama is never far away. In 2014, the Santos boy left his World Cup in a wheelchair, hit by a knee of Colombian Camilo Zuniga in the quarter-finals (broken third vertebra). Inevitably, Brazil assumes the worst, but its partners try to provide reassuring words in front of microphones and television cameras. “From what I saw, Neymar was fine and had ice on his foot, informs Alex Sandro. I hope he can be with us at the next training. » The defender pushes a little too much optimism.

Shortly after, the team doctor issues a first verdict on the spot. “Neymar has a sprained ankle with swelling, but we don’t know yet if it’s serious. Now it’s just a matter of time and a little patience.”, says Rodrigo Lasmar, interviewed by radio Itatiaia. The Brazilian is expected to have his ankle checked again on Friday, before taking any tests on Saturday or Sunday. But his presence on Monday against Switzerland already seems hypothetical.

Richarlison’s wonder

In Doha, the Paris-Saint-Germain player and his companions live in hiding, train behind closed doors, and it’s a pity for their fans, who have to settle for a Neymar of posters and advertisements everywhere. In the case of a package, his image and his regrets will therefore remain. Those who don’t see how far the redemption of the star can lead, which began with a studious summer and was extended by a counterproductive start to the season. One man has no doubts about it: Tito. “You can be sure that Neymar will play again in this World Cup, I have absolute certainty”declares his coach, without advancing to give a deadline.

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