Black Friday: one month before Christmas, our advice to really save money and avoid scams

This Friday, November 25, exactly one month before Christmas, is Black Friday. This day, synonymous with promotions massively presented on the internet, is also a regular pretext for scams or fake good deals… But if you do it right, it’s possible to do business. Follow the leader.

Every year before Christmas, it’s the same refrain. Black Friday gives rise to attractive promotions, a bargain a month at Christmas, especially in times of inflation, especially since this year, in addition to the crisis, Black Friday could benefit from a “World Cup effect”, with promotions on devices such as televisions for example,” predicts Claude Gaubert, of the UFC que-choisir in Montpellier.

Anticipate by examining the prices of the targeted product

As Claude Gaubert reminds us, Black Friday is never more than a day of sales. The first precaution to take is therefore to check the amount of the reduction displayed. “Numerous artificially inflated reductions compared to the reference price are foreseen every year.“, recalls the UFC.

To make sure you’re not deceived, check the price of the product you’ve been thinking about buying a few days or even a week before.

Clearly identify your seller

Another option to make sure the price is right, make sure you are buying from a seller in the European Union. “The law obliges the seller to display the cheapest reference price he has practiced in the previous 30 days”. Therefore, it is recommended to target a seller hosted in Europe, who has a business name in Europe because he is required to comply with this rule.

“If we’re in a market and the vendor is on the other side of the planet, anything is possible there.” So we have to inquire about the seller’s company name who we buy from. On Cdiscount or Amazon, the seller is not necessarily the site.

Practical tip: check the Siren

It is possible to know the identity or the company name of a commercial site check if the seller has a SIRET-SIREN number (the first nine digits of the Siret number correspond to the Siren number), “just type them on the free pages of the, or sites to find out the nature of the establishment that manages the site, its seniority, its legal situation, etc,” recommends the UFC.

Customs duties, delivery times… remember to check

If the seller is overseas also pay attention to customs duties. “Are they included in the sale price, are they paid by the seller or will you have the unpleasant surprise of having to pay them when you receive the package?” asks Claude Gaubert. So many questions to ask yourself on the occasion of Black Friday but which apply to any purchase on the internet.

Ditto if you’re hoping to get it delivered on time before Christmas. “You have to make sure you are guaranteed a delivery time. Because depending on whether the deadline is exceeded, you can get to request a refund for the product. But as much as possible, let’s buy in France and buy French,” the UFC recommends.

Practical advice: what to do in the event of a delivery dispute?

If the delivery is not honored, the term is 30 days if it is not indicated at the time of the sale, you can turn against the professional. “However, you must act within 60 working days of the expected delivery date. The professional then has 14 days to reimburse you. In addition to this, the seller is liable to penalties,” indicates the UFC.

“If the order is not delivered when the seller claims to have sent it, it is up to him to prove such sending and to arrange delivery with the service provider of his choice. If the order is lost, he must resend a new one or refund you” .

The best time to give Christmas presents?

If we sum up, doing good business, because it is still possible, despite the many pitfalls to overcome, you need to identify what you want to buy, who you want to buy it from, and make sure the price is a cut.

“As for sales, the most attractive prices are charged on destocked or end-of-life products which will be replaced by a new range“, recalls Claude Gaubert. Also, in terms of timing, Black Friday is more or less the last line to take advantage of attractive prices before the holidays.

“Thanks to our consumer observatory, we have found that for everything related to Christmas, purchases of toys, technological devices, prices tended to fall during the month of October to reach a low level during the month of November and return to month of December. So anticipate your Christmas shopping and doing them in November can be interesting”.

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