Between life and death!

From December 2020 and the release of his album Blocking sessionsLara Fabian has been quite discreet in the media if we exclude her participation, in 2021, in Academy of the Starsthe Quebec version of the famous TF1 show.

In fact, the Belgian-Canadian diva, we just learned, was putting the finishing touches on her book of memories, everythingpublished by Libre Expression!

A work that bears his name well as an interpreter of I love recalls, in bulk, his childhood, his career in singing, without forgetting his favorite cooking recipes! A culinary passion that she passed on to her daughter Lou, who will soon be celebrating her 15th birthday! “Here is a tour of my world between recipes bearing providence and funny stories, never told before”, we can read on the back of this promising book … And among the many personal and unpublished anecdotes reported, there is one particularly shocking. ..

She was admitted to the emergency room.

The singer reveals, in fact, that she may very well have never seen the world on January 9, 1970! Her fault lies in a premature birth caused by a prolonged and brutal fainting of her mother. Victim of a crisis of eclampsia (a potentially fatal seizure that can occur in women during the second part of pregnancy), Maria Luisa Serio was immediately transported to the emergency room. The caregivers in charge of the unfortunate woman then asked the future father, Pierre Crokaert, to choose between his wife and the unborn child if the dilemma arose … “The father then collapsed against the double door of the emergency room”, says Lara with emotion Fabiano.

Fortunately for this close-knit family, the result was not as dire as the doctors had feared. “So I was born at 7:30 pm on January 9, 1970, with a Caesarean section, and my mother will wake up from heavy sleep nine days later …”, continues the singer, before specifying that Maria Luisa Serio “will miraculously recover” from this joke. of destiny.

danger sign

Perhaps there were, however, germs in this dramatic episode or as a precursor to the disease that ended up taking this brave mother forty-nine years later in March 2019 … Suffering from Lewy body dementia, a cognitive disorder that borrows some symptoms from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, Maria Luisa Serio gently declined before dying in the arms of her daughter, who never made any secret of the visceral attachment that bound them.

We were able to measure the depth of the message that Lara Fabian had posted on Instagram in homage to the one who almost lost her life by giving hers. “I feel in my being that I have to tell you about this moment of my life, which is undoubtedly the most painful of all those I have lived to date. If I share it with you it is because I would not want things to be said except with dignity. So, without distortion, I am writing to you from my broken heart … My mother just left us. “

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