Benzema, the Blues doctor implicated

Karim Benzema’s injury will not solve the “distrust” of some French national team players towards the Blues doctor, believes Romain Molina.

Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kante, Mike Maignan, Presnel Kimpembe, Christopher Nkunku and now Karim Benzema. The French team is facing a real massacre, and Benzema’s injuryshot in the thigh during collective recovery training and the World Cup package, could widen the gap between some players in the squad and the Blues’ doctor, Franck Le Gall.

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“The players of the French team already didn’t trust Dr Franck Le Gall’s recovery protocols, it won’t help, Romain Molina tweeted on Saturday evening, following the announcement of the Benzema package. For example for Maignan, he had asked him for efforts (jumps & co) going against the recovery protocol set by Milan. »

“I’m not a doctor, I don’t know anything about it, but there is a real distrust of the players towards France’s medical staff, especially regarding the recovery protocols”added the journalist, referring to a problem that would last several years (Le Gall has been the Blues’ doctor since the arrival of Deschamps in 2012).

The Maignan and Benzema cases

All the injuries suffered by the French internationals cannot be attributed to the Blues’ medical staff. Most were affected by his own club (Pogba, Kanté, Kimpembe), and Nkunku’s injury was due to bad luck, a slip during training when the Leipzig player was in top form.

The Maignan and Benzema cases are more specific. Touching his calf with the Blues in September, the Milan goalkeeper suffered a relapse in October and failed to recover in time for the World Cup, despite visiting Clairefontaine for treatment before the list was announced.

As for Benzema, his thigh pain had been bothering him for a month and Real managed to get him to play just 26 minutes in four weeks. If the tear of him is not in the same place, it is possible that he is tied up, while the Ballon d’Or was doing everything to be reinstated for France-Australia. From now on, it is Raphaël Varane’s situation that will be closely examined…

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