“Becoming a Muslim is a fad”

Maeva Martinez didn’t hesitate to reveal the depth of her thoughts via her Instagram story. Followed by more than 977,000 people on the social network, the former candidate of Secret Storyloves to share with his community.

He just gave his opinion on some influencers who overstate their religion but aren’t necessarily consistent with their beliefs.

Lack of consistency

It was first by publishing the image of a young woman, with a pierced tongue, ready to receive the host, that she began her story.

After, he spoke aloud immediately declaring respect for all religious beliefs and people.

I have no problem with people who are into religion no matter what religion. I also have no problem with what is said, with what is seen.

What troubles him are the influencers who overestimate their religion, but are not necessarily consistent with their beliefs.

Those who overexpose, stage but we see that, compared to everything else we see, there is a great lack of coherence, there is a certain hypocrisy. It annoys me when I see people who are not consistent, not aligned with themselves.

he said before adding:

That doesn’t mean that I think badly of all these people, although knowing the reverse I can only think badly because there is what you see and what I know. When you know behind the scenes, you know there is hypocrisy and I don’t like it.

Influencers who are entering a “fad”?

Maeva Martinez went further by stating:

Becoming a Muslim is a trend because it makes consumption work, it creates business.

She even wondered if some influencers were talking about religion just to attract a community.

I wonder if it’s not to attract a community, if it’s not to exaggerate or maybe it’s unawareness.

She added:

I don’t like people who hide behind it, I don’t like people who play it. These are people who caricature religion and it is not respectful to religious people.

However, it doesn’t put everyone in the same basket, far from it. Some influencers find favor in her eyes like Nathanya and Fiji, to name a few. They would be good examples of people totally aligned with their beliefs.

What do you think ?

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