“Attractive by their sexuality”: Mylène Farmer confides in her relationship with men

As part of the promotion of her new album and her stadium tour scheduled for 2023, Mylène Farmer gave an interview to JDD on Sunday November 20, 2022. In this interview, the singer confided in her relationship with men.

True living legend of the French music scene, Mylène Farmer will soon celebrate her 40-year career. On this occasion, the singer will release a new album on Friday November 25, 2022, before embarking on a stadium tour in 2023. As part of the promotion of her new record and her upcoming concerts, Mylène Farmer gave a long interview to the JDD on Sunday 20 November 2022. She explained in particular why she had chosen The flu as the title of his new album. “This theme imposed itself on me beyond any topicality. Who hasn’t met a so-called perverted narcissistic person? Who hasn’t once been under the influence of such a person? Female or male, it doesn’t matter. Beings ultra-sensitive or inhabited by doubts that gnaw them are an ideal prey… The important thing is to identify this grip and try to fight it“, explained Mylène Farmer.

It is a topic that upsets me and often puts me in a black rage. I am obviously very moved by the loneliness of the victims who, at best, only manage to make themselves heard after many years. I am angry that the victims isolate themselves and lock themselves up in spite of themselves by accepting what no human being should tolerate. More generally, I find the theme of universal influence. There is a form of control in all areas where free will, free thought is undermined“, the singer also added. During this same interview, Mylène Farmer also confided about her relationship with men.

Mylène Farmer on men: ‘They are both attractive and destructive’

Eros and thanatos sum up my relationship with men very well. Between the life drive and the death drive, men are a great source of inspiration in my lyrics. They are both attractive for their sexuality, their ambition, their greatness of soul and destructive for their will to power, their regressive egocentrism, their cruelty. The tension they create between these two drives is a path that leads from love to hate and vice versa. It is the chaotic path of life and probably the origin of most works since the dawn of time.“, indicated the musician. Mylène Farmer also took advantage of this interview to talk about the times we live in now.

It’s hard not to be amazed by this period in which we are witnessing the end of a world… This creates a great emptiness and mental chaos. A new world is looming, the contours of which are not well known. The only certainty is that the passage from one world to another will probably take place in violence. It’s very distressing. For some the‘what’s the point’ is predominant, for others it is the desire for freedom, to free oneself from everything, and for many the cold and terrible fear of tomorrow. As for me, there is also introspection… With this essential question: ‘What is important in my life?’ For a long time I have not been able to write a single word… I was thinking of stopping everything. Then it happened all of a sudden. I was like the rising tide…“said the singer.

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