Ashes of Creation – Ashes of Creation introduces the Ranger and the basics of its ranged combat

In his live broadcast monthly, the Intrepid studio presents the Ranger, its use of the longbow and shortbow, or even its core skills, to better illustrate the MMORPG’s dynamic ranged combat system.

Traditionally, the live broadcast monthly study Intrepid provides some details on part of the gameplay ofAshes of creation. The last one focuses on the Ranger archetype (one of the eight playable archetypes in the MMORPG, with martial skills), and more generally on the redesign of the Ashes of Creation ranged combat system that we will be able to discover concretely in Alpha 2.

Choice of weapons and skills

Quite classically, the Ranger is therefore a class that specializes in ranged combatwhich we discover more specifically here with a bow – sometimes a long bow whose basic attack deals massive damage and allows you to fire heavy but rather slow shots to use, sometimes with a short bow which allows you to quickly chain fire (but cannot be loaded). Each bow type has its own skill tree, with passive and active abilities, for two different play styles.

the flow is an opportunity to discover some of these skills available to the Ranger (subject to aa cool down).

  • Quick shot : allows you to chain three successive hits that inflict a debuff to the target and increasing the damage if the same target is hit (the second hit deals more damage than the first and the third more than the previous one), but with a Timer for each shot making it necessary to correctly manage the sequence of shots;
  • Sniper : a basic but charged attack that deals a high level of damage to the target; the Ranger must still remain immobile for the time of loading (one knee to the ground), forcing him to sacrifice his mobility in favor of serious damage;
  • air attack is a skill that allows the Ranger to get out of a difficult situation: the Ranger leaps straight forward firing a shower of arrows in flight, dealing area damage and immobilizing the targets hit.

Hybrid combat system

The stream also illustrates Ashes of Creation’s hybrid combat system, which allows you to mix both of them at aiming system (tab targeting) and of action fight through a reticle, which allows you to shoot arrows even without an identified target. Quite classically, the tab targeting lets you select a target (by default, the closest target), and the game includes a soft-targeting and of targeted : the soft-targeting allows the system to select the most suitable target on the fly via tab; the targeted allows you to manually lock onto a target and continue to attack regardless of their movements.

The mechanism must allow a certain dynamism in the gameplay, how to do it shoot arrows while jumping or dodging. And this is important in Ranger gameplay as ranged weapons require you to stay away from your target – you can’t use the bow in melee. You will therefore need to be mobile while launching attacks.

Streaming also allows you to continue discover the game world. The clip takes place here in the Lands of Rivers (one of the regions of the world of Verra), during a spring morning (as evidenced by the fog and pollen particles). The area is also dangerous, as it is populated by Minotaur Shamans : powerful monsters, who master water-related skills (water bullets and water shields) and accompanied by drug addicts, species of reptilian dogs that move quickly to attack the Ranger in close combat.
We also discover the interface (not yet finalized and which will be customizable) which shows the action bar and a minimap obviously quite efficient and discreet, and information on the name or on the state of health of the opponent.

So many items that can be tested during alpha 2. At this stage, a test date has not yet been announced, but we note that development is continuing.

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