Arthdal ​​Chronicles – Netmarble outlines the main mechanics of its cross-platform MMORPG Arthdal ​​Chronicles

Season 2 of the Arthdal ​​Chronicles series (airing on Netflix) is scheduled for early 2023. Netmarble will take this opportunity to launch a cross-platform MMORPG inspired by the same universe, with its three factions and open-ended gameplay.

The flagship of the South Korean MMORPG industry is currently meeting in Busan, South Korea for the G Star 2022. netmarble is part of the lot, features four games including the cross-platform MMORPG Chronicle of Arthdal (distributed on PC and mobile platforms). An early version of the title is playable as part of the G-Star and lets you learn more about its main game mechanics.

Arthdal ​​​​​​Chronicles stands out above all for its license, inspired by the homonymous television series, broadcast on Netflix – a first season has been available on the SVoD platform since 2019 and the second season is expected to follow in early 2023, coinciding with the launch of the MMORPG. Like the series, the game it is loosely based on the myth of the god-king Dangunfounder of the first Korean kingdom of Gojoseon, in a clever blend of history and fantasy.

Sometimes presented as game of Thrones Korean, the series is based on conflicts and power struggles that Netmarble reproduces in the game: three factions of players are available in the game (two opposing factions and one mercenary faction that can change their allegiances according to political circumstances) and these three factions face each other in large PvP battlefields – to facilitate interactions, all players can still live together peacefully in cities, PvE areas and in dungeons.


However, the fights aren’t the only problem with Arthdal ​​Chronicles – especially since according to the feedback from the Korean press present at G-Star, the gameplay looks very classic for a cross-platform MMORPG. The developer intends specifically enhance the exploration and colonization of the game universe : for example, players have a vocation to build structures to exploit the world’s resources, but also to erect bridges to reach certain regions (and therefore certain resources). These constructions must also be maintained regularly or they will collapse: players will therefore have to coordinate. The game also incorporates a day/night cycle and fauna that evolves depending on the time (some monsters only come out at night), as well as a dynamic climate system.


The developer obviously also intends focus on storytelling : The story of the game is a continuation of that of the series and the Netmarble teams collaborated with the authors of Studio Dragon which produces the series. Players will then come across emblematic characters from the series and are bound to immerse themselves in a story – aided by a character editor who wants to be very detailed.

Arthdal ​​Chronicles is expected in early 2023 (simultaneously with the second season of the series), initially in South Korea. The game is distributed on mobile and PC platforms.

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