Antoine Kombouaré: “We need a reference match”

“Will Friborg be the favorite this Thursday?
Of course. They have a career that speaks for them. They are leading the Bundesliga, first in this mini-championship in the Europa League. I’m not there by chance. It is a team that works very well. We’re not doing well in L1 (16 °)we lost our last European match in Karabakh (0-3)… We are in a complicated period but we want to play a great game.

What levers did you activate to recover after the Munich slap (1-4)?
We debriefed with the video on Monday. It was important to talk about what went wrong, to highlight our weaknesses. The work we did this morning (Wednesday) he was very focused on the defensive animation, on how to defend better because we expect a team from Freiburg who will attack by force. How to recover the ball well, get it out better … There were also a lot of discussions with the players, in small groups. We have to take revenge.

Does your team’s defensive fragility make you want to settle into a system?
We have set up a system based on the form of the players. The 5-player scheme gives more confidence, with more solid foundations even if we saw against Monaco that did not stop us from conceding goals. Today it is the preferential system, the one that allows us to feel strong, but that can change. What is needed, above all, is much more concentration, solidarity and communication. And then, winning duels …

“I think Munich’s slap will do us good”

You arrived in Nantes in February 2021 when the club was in very bad shape. Do you feel like a step back?
No, we are far from what we knew at the time because this group has a history of winners, they have won games. I have enormous faith in him. I think the Munich slap will do us good. We have had too many shortcomings for this to be true. On the other hand, it is necessary to quickly correct the shooting. This is what I expect from my players.

Have they lost confidence?
When you chain defeats, necessarily … But I know that this group has the qualities and the springs to bounce back. My task since Sunday is to make them understand that there is quality. Again, I trust them. We may have a hard time finding the rhythm between the Championship and the Champions Cup but we have no more excuses. Tomorrow’s game will be a great test for us. We need a reference match. “

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