Amazon launches price war, 10 nuggets this Monday ⚡️

We leave for the Black Friday week: from this morning Amazon and its counterparts show an even more captivating face. After the weekend supplies, it’s time to shop. We have selected the top of the top for this Monday.

Due to their history, Black Friday and Amazon are closely related. The merchant helped make this operation a global success. As the leading e-tailer in France, Amazon has also been the most dynamic during this period. Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty are not excluded with low prices throughout the Black Friday week. Below we have created a list that is updated in real time for you.

This Monday marks the start of the Black Friday week on Amazon. The platform continues to show the same prices for 3 days: it promised that all offers would be published from Friday 18th November. These will remain valid until Monday 28 November, while supplies last. This Monday should still give way to many breakups as already happened this weekend.

Rather than wait until the end of the week to start shopping, we recommend attacking Black Friday this Monday morning. There are no flash sales this year to interrupt the red thread of discounts on the event. The French are not good at it and e-merchants have therefore decided to publish everything from day one. It is the same principle as with the French sales or days.

A Black Friday punctuated by breakups

On Amazon, Black Friday has a special feature this year: the lowest price is guaranteed to all customers during the period. Between the 18th and 28th of the month, you are therefore guaranteed to pay for your item at that time’s minimum. A product you buy this Monday cannot go down further: and if it goes down further by next Monday, Amazon will refund you the difference.

This implies that the French will certainly get the best deals from the very first hours of the Black Friday operation on Amazon. While the price will therefore be the lowest among those displayed in the period, only one doubt remains: that of the available stock. There was a Microsoft Surface Touch Pad outage this weekend. Fortunately, Amazon was able to find a stock on Sunday evening.

On Cdiscount, the observation is the same for this start of Black Friday. There have been multiple stockouts like on LG OLED TVs or iPhone 14. So you need to hurry this Monday to grab all the deals still available. You always have the possibility to assert your right of withdrawal to return to your purchase and be refunded within a certain period.

Precisely in this sense Amazon is brilliant for Black Friday. It allows you to return your purchases until January 31, 2023. This is useful if you use Black Friday to buy your Christmas gifts. If the products are not to your liking, you can collect them and return them to Amazon who will refund you in full. You therefore take no risk on gifts that would disappoint.

Check out the offers on Amazon

What are the offers not to be missed on Amazon?

Below, our list offers you all the essential offers in technology for this Black Friday: Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac but also direct brands are mentioned in this list. The marketplaces are not the only ones active during this operation throughout the national territory. Go and see the most reserved brands directly on their website: sometimes they have nice surprises to offer you.

Among all the offers that we have been able to identify this Monday, there are some that have particularly marked us. For this Black Friday on Amazon, it is obvious that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 tablet (with its keyboard) will be one of the best sellers of the event. This is also the case for many video games and the Meta Quest 2 headset. While virtual reality seems ever closer, the latter is the only true VR headset for the general public.

Like every year, Black Friday also gives great space to Bose. The American brand specializing in audio is featured on Cdiscount and on Amazon. These are his latest headphones QC45 or Headphones 700, but also his soundbar, which will be a great success. With discounts ranging between -40% and -50% on the entire catalogue, the brand is on the rise.

Our list primarily suggests deals for technology with a few small exceptions for appliances. However, there are all product classes subject to special Black Friday discounts. Amazon and Cdiscount are the two most general merchants covering all categories. It is with them that you will find the widest choice of references.

Most French people practice Black Friday

Today, Black Friday on Amazon has become an institution for the French. A report published a few days ago shows that 70% of French people will take advantage of Black Friday to save money. It’s also two-thirds who want to do Black Friday directly on the internet. In addition to the big American, Cdiscount and Fnac Darty should do well.

This operation also has one last advantage: that of being rather close to Christmas. This makes it possible to give Christmas gifts at a more reasonable price. If the French are going to spend more this year on end-of-year gifts, they want to do it smart. 43% of them will take advantage of this Black Friday to try and give gifts at cheaper prices.

To do Black Friday on Amazon, it’s here:

Check out the offers on Amazon

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