Albert of Monaco without filters on Charlene’s health: “Sometimes she’s tired…”

The Principality of Monaco was in turmoil on November 19, 2022 for the national holiday! On this occasion, Prince Albert II rarely gave himself up Munich-Morning. The son of Rainier III of Monaco thus confided to the local newspaper his commitment as a prince, his vision of the house, transport, free time and the environment for the Rocca, but not only. He allowed himself to make personal confidences about his children, Gabriella and Jacques, who will soon be 8 years old, and about his wife Charlene. He spoke in particular of the latter’s health.

Very happy with his family’s involvement in Monegasque life, Albert II can count on the support of his sisters Caroline and Stéphanie, his nephews and nieces, to carry out the missions of the princely family, he who cannot be “everywhereThe son of the iconic Grace also spoke about the education he gives to his twins, born on December 10, 2004: “With Princess Charlene we try to instill in our two children the values ​​that seem essential to us. They will be 8 years old, they are still young but they are progressing a lot in terms of maturity and awakening to the world. It is amazing for any parent to watch their children grow upr.”

It’s a couple

The prince dwells in particular on the fact that, if the heir to the throne is his son Jacques, his daughter Gabriella will play an important role: “Obviously Jacques must be trained and gradually prepared for his future duties. But Gabriella will also have a role to play, she will have to be as expert as possible to help her brother. (…) Jacques is the crown prince but Gabriella has an important role to play in supporting and sharing some responsibilities. They are already very close, very accomplices. We must not make too much differentiation for the moment, it will come in small steps.”

Charlene’s health in question

The interview is also an opportunity to give news on the state of health of Charlene who had been so worried in recent months. Charlene of Monaco was eagerly awaited for this very special day, having been unable to be there last year, after endless months of treatment in South Africa and Switzerland to recover from a rhinoceros – laryngological infection. “First of all, I am very happy that your health is back, that you can take part in so many events in the Principality with responsibilities at the Red Cross, at the SPA, at the head of your foundation but also with other charitable works. Sometimes she is tired, we have to give her a little more time to get together and make other commitments. But she will take them!“, proclaims Albert II, more confident than ever.

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