After working in the funeral home, lists the 4 games to avoid absolutely with his children

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Lauren Eliza worked extensively in funeral homes. To warn parents about her, she has listed 4 very popular and dangerous toys for children.

According to a survey by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumers and Fraud Prevention, approx 15% of toys marketed in France would be dangerous for children. Among the risks that are run for the little ones we find in particular the risk of inhalation and suffocation.

And that’s what this mother wants at all costs to avoid for her children, aged 2 and 4. “Death is something that can happen to anyone“he says through observations reported by The Sun *. The accidental deaths she has faced in her career have made her more determined than ever reduce the risk so that this doesn’t happen to his family.

People call it “the Grinch

Lauren, now a stay at home mom and living in Florida, says people compare her to the cartoon character”the Grinch” Why keeps some toys and gifts out of reach of her children. “I’m an overprotective mom and it’s normal. I have taken care of many children in funeral homes and it is an experience that is never outdone.“, she says. “Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.”

The mother then takes steps to minimize the risk of this type of accident.. On the other hand, Lauren’s father, who was a paramedic and also worked in the funeral home, had a similar attitude about banning her daughter’s toys when she was a child. “There was a list of things I couldn’t play with”, recalls the latter. ”But I had a normal childhood and understood why my parents had limited me so much as I became an adult..”

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The mother forbids her children to play fairly common games

Some of the things Lauren forbids her children include:

  • balloons: because if the small pieces get into their mouth, they can be sucked up their trachea;
  • lightsabers: as they can cause head injuries;
  • jump ropes
  • the trampolines
  • bunk beds
  • drawstring pajamas
  • uncut grapes
  • peanuts before age 6

In your opinion, “Talking about death in children is not common, but it is still an important topic.”

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