after the wave of acclaim received on social media, Perrine expresses herself on Instagram

After being heavily subjected to Monday’s episode of L’Amour est dans le pré, Perrine received a wave of support from viewers for whom she was grateful on Instagram.

The continuation under this announcement

This is the episode that seems to have changed everything for Perrine. This candidate of Love is in the meadowSébastien’s suitor, the Corsican pig farmer, was particularly highlighted this Monday 3 October when a key moment of his adventure was broadcast on the M6 ​​program: a fight in the restaurant between her, her competitor Léa and the one they had traveled for. From the very beginning of the threesome adventure on the farm, the relationship between the girls was rather unstable and the discomfort quickly developed between the two. Despite a development that seemed to have made the situation flat between the two young women, things quickly degenerated during an evening that was to be spent by the sea.

Perrine sat down at the table for an hour

While Léa, the 27-year-old Alsatian caregiver, had decided to get out of her reserve by making the effort to get behind the wheel in the Corsican mountain roads, she had taken it badly that Sébastien and Perrine had dared to make some reflections – which was nothing malicious , however, he had insured the latter. But Léa, who admitted her great susceptibility during the program, had not felt that way and she had decided, as soon as the trio arrived at the restaurant, to isolate herself with Sébastien to share with him the fainting feelings of she. Explanations during which the young woman wiped a few tears explaining that she could not bear the threesome and that she dragged along. In fact, after an hour, seeing that the two had not returned, Perrine, still sitting inside the room, went out to ask them to come and explain themselves. “like adults”.

The continuation under this announcement

“Your kind messages …”

This was followed by a fairly lively discussion between Perrine and Sébastien during which Sébastien, displeased that Perrine had raised his voice, gave him a“Take your car and get out!”. The tensions had finally subsided between the two the next day but Perrine, with this moment of stay, won the sympathy of the viewers. She who had been somewhat hectic during the airing of the first episodes, the public, wary of his trust and opposing the discreet Léa, finally benefited from a better image. The cards were in fact reshuffled on Monday and Perrine received almost unanimous support, especially after reacting in a rather mysterious way on her Instagram account. This Tuesday, the candidate explicitly thanked viewers for Love is in the meadow for their explicit support, filming themselves kissing in story and writing “for your kind messages, thank you”. Whatever the outcome of her television adventure, Perrine will not have lost everything!

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