After his assault, Draymond Green finally breaks the silence and announces a strong decision!

Author of an unforgivable gesture about Jordan Poole, Draymond Green was in front of the media this Saturday. The player immediately took the opportunity to take stock of the current situation and to apologize to his team. Unfortunately for him, this will not be enough to escape the penalty, which promises to be quite heavy.

Punching his teammate in the face (see the sequence here), Draymond Green got himself in a very complicated situation with the Warriors. The franchise should soon sanction the player, who just spoke to the media on Saturday, for the first time since the incident. Before answering the questions, number 23 intervened to apologize:

Draymond Green apologizes for his gesture about Jordan Poole

I made a mistake after the events on Wednesday and for that I apologized to my team. I apologized to Jordan. I am very embarrassed by what happened, not only for me, but also for Jordan, for his team and his family. (…) I failed as a leader. I have failed as a man.

Green confirms that he has apologized to Poole and his family, aware that the player is doing well after this very dangerous gesture. Inside wished to confirm that the contractual talks involving Poole have nothing to do with the incident, as they hope to repair the damage in the coming weeks:

The task ahead will be to rebuild that confidence in the locker room and put everything behind us to defend our title.

Shortly after in this conference, Dray confirmed that he saw the video of this attack, explaining that he was surprised by the violence:

It’s even worse than I thought in the video.

The consequences are not yet known, as the Warriors have not announced a penalty for their player. Green is not going to wait to make arrangements, as he plans to walk away from the roster for the next few days. He talks about personal problems that impact the prosecution and he wishes to resolve them.

Draymond Green has announced that he will be away from the team for a few days to give him space and time to work on his behavior.

In a bad moment mentally, Draymond Green unleashed his anger on poor Jordan Poole, who hadn’t asked for anything. A relatively serious incident, while the Warriors have not yet decided the outcome of the case. Whatever happens, this soap opera will leave traces within the organization.

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