after an impossible-to-watch episode 7, HBO responds to criticism

After an almost impossible-to-watch episode 7 aired, HBO had to officially explain itself.

Episode 7 of House of the Dragon was put online on October 3 on OCS. The end is near for the Targaryen family, but this week some have had a hard time staying in front of their screens. This time no sex or unbearable violence, but scenes that are too dark, sometimes impossible to watch, some fans report on Twitter.

If you felt like you were staring at a black screen on Monday, you definitely weren’t alone. Faced with numerous criticisms, HBO has finally decided to speak up. The chain confirmed it wasn’t no technical problemsor even a failed calibration, but a “intentional creative decision“Leading to this”poor lighting“.

In an official statement published later, the company finally timed the problem, indicating that less than 1% of posts shared on social networks in connection with the broadcast of episode 7 of House of the Dragon evoked the lack of brightness.

HBO loves the dark

Remember that the criticisms surrounding this episode 7 are not new. During the broadcast of the third episode of season 8 of Throne games as early as 2019, viewers had criticized the scene of the battle against the Night King’s army, which was deemed too dark to watch. At the time, the episode was directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who is currently co-showrunner House of the Dragon.

If the director seems to assume his artistic choice to the end, we can nevertheless regret his lack of respect for the public. In the editing room, the engineering team generally benefits from a large-format screen that is perfectly calibrated to display highlights and darker scenes.

Indeed, it is often on a smaller screen that viewers discover the episodes. Whether it’s a TV, computer, tablet, sometimes even a smartphone, ambient light and HBO compression are likely drastically reduce the colors and light ranges of an image. Hence the very dark photograph of this episode 7.

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