A new Jean-Pierre in his life!

Many of us are inhabited by the belief that loved ones, who have left for a seemingly better world, survive in our hearts and minds until our last breath and, at times, come back to our memory … But the experience that Nathalie Pernaut just got is of a completely different dimension! The shock must have been such for Lou and Tom’s mother that Miss France 1987 could, at least for a moment, believe in reincarnation.

Especially since it is in a familiar place that this strange phenomenon has occurred. Nathalie was in fact in Lavandou (Var), on August 28, on vacation in her second home, their happy home, when, on her computer, she accidentally discovered the presence of Jean-Pierre … as if the reporter had returned to find her!

In fact, while surfing the web, she came face to face with the very incarnation of her late and beloved husband. The photograph was taken in Egypt and the man we discover looks like the deceased journalist! An image that the widow, of course, immediately posted on her Instagram account, sharing her surprise with the thousands of her subscribers …

If you have a part of St. Thomas to believe only what you see, you should have checked for yourself that he wasn’t exaggerating and that the similarity was truly striking! Unfortunately today, this publication is no longer available on his account. It was by no means a self-fulfilling prophecy, created from scratch by a woman probably still madly in love with her dear departed, so eager to see him again that she thinks she sees him on every street corner …

“Incredible, double my love! my love in Egypt! “

Among the four men sitting around a bar table, the stranger in a blue shirt – whose glasses look like an exact copy of those worn by the man who was one of the protagonists of TF1 until he stopped his activities in 2020 to fight the cancer that was eating it – it has everything from the ideal coating. One would almost expect him to come and invite himself to millions of French homes at lunchtime! Nathalie’s comment accompanying this post is commensurate with her astonishment: “Incredible, double my love! my love in Egypt! “, She wrote herself, before adding” I enlarged the photo. What do you think ? I know we all have doppelgangers on Earth. “This impromptu encounter must have been all the more destabilizing as Miss France 1987 still would not have really mourned her Jean-Pierre who, after a long and courageous battle against the” crab “, returned her last breath on March 2, 2022, at age 71.

Since then, Nathalie hasn’t stopped seeing the signs of her presence in their home. So, while she was worried about the difficulties of financing the studies of her children, she had accidentally discovered 600 euros in the family library. “I was hallucinating! “, She had later declared her to the Parisian. Last May, on the set of Don’t Touch My TV!, on C8, he had confided to Cyril Hanouna about his difficulty in overcoming this loss: “It is complicated, because it is always present. I can’t believe he’s really gone, I still have a feeling he’ll walk out the door. Since he left, it’s been a bit complicated to live. I have to fight for him, I have to fight for my children, so that they can study, because his children were everything to him. “

We hope that this unexpected and miraculous discovery of his double of Jean-Pierre will also be a favorable sign of fate and help him win this battle, for love of him …

Frank Loïc

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