a grueling and exhilarating dive into the bowels of a Chicago restaurant


Assigning a certain number of stars to a movie, or a series, is not the best way to assess its value. When forced to do so, reporters from these sections often respond “but after all it’s not a restaurant”.

The bear, whose first season is available on Disney +, it mostly takes place in a Chicago restaurant, which we regret a little more in each of the eight episodes that we never ate there. Reason why, this time, I will be generous with stars. Adhering to the scale of the Michelin guide, the series conceived by Christopher Storer deserves three.

“The Bear” is also a delicate study
and the cruelty of the crisis of male identity

The Disney house recommends doing this “room for comedy” announcing the launch of The bear. It’s not entirely false, we laugh quite often. Mais on tremble encore plus souvent en regardant les membres de cette brigade traverser les épreuves, take des risques insensés en cuisine et dans la vie, commettre des erreurs aux conséquences incalculables (sauf cella que the Internal Revenue Service a justement calculée jusqu’au dernier hundred). That also happens The bear leaves you on the verge of tears or hysteria.

In this fall dominated by blockbusters, it’s the surprise of the chef (in this case Christopher Storer). A short four-hour season at the Original Beef of Chicagoland proves to be the most intense experience that episodic narrative offers. The saucers won over the magicians.

A virtuoso and sociopathic conductor

In the first episode, Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) had already returned to her hometown, where she took over the Original Beef. A few weeks earlier, his older brother Mikey (Jon Bernthal, in an impressive flashback), known as “The Bear”, owner and manager of the venue, shot himself in the head on one of the bridges in the City of Winds after leaving the restaurant as a legacy. to the younger brother.

This first season is partly dedicated to assembling the pieces that make up Carmy’s shattered and brilliant life. But from the beginning, or almost, we learn that you have managed the kitchen of the “best restaurant in the world”, a New York venue created by a virtuoso and sociopathic chef (Joel McHale). Everyone around Carmy (Original Beef employees, his Sugar sister – Abby Elliott -, Uncle Jimmy Cicero – Oliver Platt – the restaurant’s main creditor) wonders why she turned her back on budding glory. “make sandwiches”. This is how he presents his program to Sydney Adamu (Ayo Edebiri), a gifted young cook, who offers his candidacy while questioning his future boss about his true intentions.

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