a convincing golf game with a near-perfect swing

Every year (or almost), it’s the same story. All developers update their sports games with a new episode, often cuter and richer in content. This is what PGA Tour try to do with its 2023 episode, which will surely seduce the most skeptics. 2K Games has become a master in the field of revealing sports simulations with meticulous crafting and addictive gameplay. Whether it is NBA 2Kfrom top spins (of which we eagerly await the 5th installment), or WWE 2K, each of the unveiled titles finds takers among fans. And for good reason, the titles are particularly popular.

It is therefore with confidence that PGA Tour 2K23 arrived. Whether you are passionate about the game of golf or not, expert or novice, this episode will convince you. The construction is clean, the contents generous and the routes pleasant to fly over. The strong point of this new edition is the appearance of the most famous golfer on the planet: Tiger Woods. The ambition is therefore clear and accepted. Offer a game worthy of the athlete featured on the cover. Was the bet successful?

After spending several hours on the PlayStation 5 version, Fun Radio reveals its verdict on this new version of PGA Tour.

Challenging, yet so addictive gameplay

You’ve never played a game before PGA Tour ? No problem. The latest production from 2K Games and HB Studios has strong arguments for you to succumb. Unlike the old episodes, PGA Tour 2K23 offers you the opportunity to embody 14 professional golfers, but also two basketball players Stephen Curry and Michael Jordan (a nice nod to the licensed NBA 2K). What makes you want to swing with panache.

While the gameplay may seem complex at first glance, you’ll gradually develop a taste for mastering every blow, from the hardest to the softest. All of this is explained in a tutorial during your first game. So yes, you will have to be patient as the first shots will obviously be far from satisfying you. Pass this, you will learn how to cure all of the following. PGA Tour it’s a sort of ASMR that we like to go through and that gives us a particularly pleasant feeling of relaxation. Patience and determination are the keywords.

You have to choose your golf club with precision to dose your shots in the best possible way. Another point and not least, be sure to pay attention to the wind. Its orientation or even its strength will have to be studied with precision to deliver your best shots. These can be given elegantly thanks to the right joystick of your controller.

Generous contents in the service of a solid realization

PGA Tour 2K23 invites you to explore twenty golf courses. All have their own particularity. And if you feel like it, you can create your own route with the help of a dedicated mode. And as for game modes, there are a multitude of modes at our disposal such as MyCarrer, MyPlayer or even the legendary PGA Tour. Enough to spend countless hours perfecting your game.

Self PGA Tour 2K23 shines with its game modes, golf simulation also shines with its implementation. The players are perfectly modeled. It’s beautiful, it’s clean, and it’s believable. Downside, the gardens lack a bit of life and sometimes seem a bit off in terms of atmosphere. We would have preferred a little more entertainment on that side. Another black point is the appearance of microtransactions that pollute the gaming experience by destabilizing the balance between players during online matches.

The ultimate golf simulation?

Whether or not you are a golf enthusiast, PGA Tour 2K23 will convince you. Boasting solid content, terribly addictive gameplay and meticulous production, the title developed by HB Studios is a pure success and is THE most successful golf simulation to date. An addictive game that will easily occupy your evenings for a long time.

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