9 secrets to a lasting relationship according to science

They lived happily and had many children. We know the song, but how do they support and love each other for life? What are the secrets of a happy couple? How to make love last forever? Full of questions that we wish we had answers to when we are in a relationship with a person we particularly like. And many relationship experts have done it and here are, according to them, 9 secrets for a couple that lasts and is happy.

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How to have a happy couple that lasts over time?

Do you want your current relationship to work and last as long as possible more than anything else? Here are some expert tips that you will definitely want to adopt. According to them, in fact, some indicators are to be taken into consideration, and above all to be privileged in a relationship so that it is as beautiful and long-lasting as possible.

Know how to communicate

As we know, communication is the key to a relationship that lasts. Knowing how to speak, and say what you care about, helps to avoid any frustrations that could lead to possible quarrels or estrangements. Communicating on any topic lets the other know how to act with you.

Celebrate the good news

In a relationship, it’s important to celebrate all the little positive things that happen to you. A promotion at work, a change in your life, whatever the news is, if it’s okay, then we take the time to celebrate with our significant other. This helps create a sense of trust, respect, and ultimately mutual support that strengthens the relationship.

Doing activities together

Loving each other is not enough to make a couple last. If we want it to work, then the two people have to share hobbies, do activities that bring them closer together.

Argue correctly

Arguments are inevitable in a relationship. However, one must know how to deal with them correctly. Indeed, the bed will be important in fighting anger and resolving your worries using love. To do this, we let the other person finish speaking to avoid frustrating them, consider their feelings, and make the necessary compromises.

Take care of your sexuality

According to numerous studies, a happy couple would have sex two to three times a week. For a fulfilling relationship, you need to share some degree of intimacy. Thus, you will create a unique link and connection that brings you closer to your other half.

Know how to compromise

In all relationships, compromises are required. When we are in a relationship, it is important to keep in mind that we are no longer alone and that our life has an impact on that of our partner. Therefore, for everyone to be happy and peaceful in the relationship, it is essential that both parties compromise for each other.

Take initiative

Lack of initiative and tiredness can kill a relationship. Be creative. Surprise dates, little messages… Get out of the routine as soon as possible and show your partner that you have hidden assets.

Cultivate positive interactions

conducted by the University of Chicago showed that the more positive a husband is, the less conflict there is in a couple. Furthermore, other studies have shown that for our couple to last, it takes on average 5 positive interactions for one negative.

know how to say thank you

Appreciation is very important in a relationship. Don’t hesitate to thank your other half for all the attention they can give you.

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