7 local brands that deserve to be known

These brands from Quebec and Canada as well as their online stores make us fall in love.

We share with you these (too) well-kept secrets!

Livøm is a new brand from Quebec whose philosophy is based on the idea of ​​living in the present. Concretely, it is an online store where you can buy clothing, furniture and decorative objects made to last and designed here in Montreal in an ethical and responsible way. If the shops open their doors soon (including one already open in Repentigny), you can get the items with one click. It’s the perfect destination for fans of good quality, timeless pieces (at a low price that doesn’t spoil a thing!).

Behind Quebec-based Lost & Faune are North Shore native Christine, who handcrafts all of her jewelry, and Michelle, who handles social networking, marketing, and sales. Together, they offer a range of quality, delicate pieces and are involved far beyond creating by joining forces with organizations working for cancer prevention and children’s well-being. Here the jewels have a history and remain within the reach of small budgets.

This Wendat company specializes in treatments and products dedicated to supporting women in all their cyclical feminine nature: oils, candles, soaps, balms, and more. The company wants to share the beauty of indigenous cultures and move forward in this territory with awareness and respect. Yawinonh is based on the foundation of “Two-Eyed Seeing”, which combines current Western vision and traditional indigenous knowledge. Yawinonh’s main goal is to reach out to all Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women in Quebec in a spirit of reconciliation.

Long live the game, but beautiful, well cut and durable, please! SBASE is a Montreal brand of clothing exclusively and entirely made of organic cotton. Tracksuits, dresses, sweaters, the choice is vast and the range of colors remains neutral. The idea? Offer quality bases that are super comfortable and that you won’t get tired of. Bonus: for every piece sold, the company plants a tree.

By creating Good Shopping, Candice made secondhand fashion her number one mission. You seemed ambitious at a time when the Marketplace didn’t exist, but you were right to bet on the circular economy! Today, this platform for reselling clothing between individuals is a success. What we like is the conviviality that reigns there and the little extra soul added by the photos of the users. To buy or sell, you create your profile (it’s quick, I promise) and Quebec’s entire wardrobe is at your fingertips. Collection or delivery depending on the region, secure online payment and, as a bonus, some network stars (hello Claudie from OD) who regularly sell clothes there.

Dorian Who is a Toronto-based Iranian designer who creates cutting-edge fashion and makes each piece to order. Do you like a piece? Personalize it according to your wishes by shortening it, removing a detail, etc. You will receive your unique piece one month later.

Here we find ourselves in a more exclusive department with pieces carefully selected by Elif Filyos, a fashion enthusiast who lives in Montreal. Everything is vintage, but the real gold mine of this online store are the wedding dresses! For those who don’t want to spoil themselves and dream of a beautiful retro design, look no further! One word of advice, though: the number of tracks found on this platform is limited. With each arrival, everything flies away in two seconds. If we have a crush, we go for it!

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