24 hours later, Victor Wembanyama’s cliché shocking the United States!

Sparkling for the first game of his career on American soil, Victor Wembanyama not only shocked fans and observers with his talent, but also with his totally atypical physique. Proof ? A screenshot of a precise moment of the match, which never ceases to amaze the web.

He had spoken, he thought. After showing great confidence during the press conference on the eve of the match between Mets and Ignite, Victor Wembanyama delivered a real recital, which ended with 37 points on the clock, and an insolent 7/11 from distance. What to do drool the biggest stars in the leagueand make an already memorable first impression in Uncle Sam’s land.

Victor Wembanyama shocks with his mutant physique

It must be said that the Frenchman, who revealed to measure 2m21 without shoes, is built in a unique way in the history of the championship. His surprising wingspan allows him to carry out feats that we considered humanly unthinkable, such as this interception on Scoot Henderson, on which he travels long, very long meters:

The length of Victor Wembanyama … is simply unreal

A point of view shared by ESPN drafting specialist Jonathan Givony, for whom Wembanyama is a pretty mind-blowing mix:

I think Rudy Gobert and Kevin Durant mixed in one day. At 18 he can do almost anything. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. The executives of the NBA (more than 200 present, ed) were amazed and left the room with a big smile on their faces.

For your pleasure, we offer you the highlights of this historical score, which is already anchored in our memories. A gem, simply:

Victor Wembanyama has announced himself in the United States in the most sensational way possible and the shock waves are still being felt more than 24 hours after his magical performance. The monster’s athletic qualities aren’t done talking, especially as they come with an extremely rare package for an 18-year-old player. This time, for sure: the V already has America at his feet.

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