2 meters in 24 hours: a historic blizzard surprises the New York State authorities

It was a historic snowstorm experienced by residents of Western New York State, USA. In the Buffalo area, nearly two feet of snow fell in some places in 24 hours, Friday through Saturday. However, accustomed to this type of meteorological phenomenon, the authorities were surprised by its intensity. The storm produced “much more than we usually get,” Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said on CNN television Saturday.

The city, located on the Canadian border on its east side, is especially close to Toronto and the Great Lakes. The encounter between the warm waters contained in it, combined with a mass of cold air, intensified the phenomenon. The images captured after the storm, widely disseminated on social networks, reveal a surreal landscape. The streets are deserted, the roofs of the houses weighed down by several tens of centimeters of snow.

Blackouts, disrupted traffic, closed roads… The storm caused a lot of inconvenience to the locals. The New York Times then reported on nearly 300 people rescued in the region and another 1,600 without electricity.

Two people died while clearing the snow

“Visibility is reduced to a few hundred feet and the roads are covered in snow,” the National Weather Service in Buffalo wrote on Twitter. Stay where you are if you can for the next few hours until this streak of snow passes into the Boston hills and south. In the images you can barely see the street lamps of the city, buried by the storm, while the cars are already covered in a layer of snow.

“We believe we will make history by having the most snowfall in a 24-hour period right here in New York State,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said at a news conference broadcast Saturday. It’s never happened before.”

Sadly, while trying to clear snow with shovels, two Erie County people died of heart complications. “We send our deepest condolences and remind everyone that this snow is very heavy and dangerous,” wrote Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

Two people died of heart complications while trying to clear snow. John Normile/Getty Images via AFP Getty images from 2022

Schools closed in Buffalo on Monday

Despite the reopening of several traffic axes, the governor still calls for caution this Sunday. Gusts of wind from 60 to 80 km/h, the movement of snow in some places could make traveling by car difficult and dangerous.

In the next night there should be a new, less intense snow episode. Schools in the city of Buffalo will be closed on Monday, city services have already announced. “All students and staff must stay at home. Safety is our primary concern. Please stay warm and stay safe,” the tweet read.

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